3 Ways to Treat Scratches on Hardwood Floors

1. Sealant

For smaller, surface scratches, use hardwood sealer. First, clean the area so there’s nothing that will get trapped in the sealant. Once the area is dry, use a paintbrush to apply a layer of sealant. Choose a product that matches the one already on your hardwood floors to achieve the best results. If you aren’t sure which option to work with, ask a flooring professional for assistance.


2. Sanding

Sanding is highly effective for shallow, top-coat scratches. This process eliminates visible scratches by buffing the top layer of the planks. However, because this repair method requires a sanding machine, it should be left to the professionals. Otherwise, you run the risk of buffing too deep and ruining the wood.

3. Wood Filler

For wider or deeper scratches, use a simple, wax-based wood filler or putty. First, clean the area and allow it to dry. Then, apply the filler. Make sure to press it in deep enough, and don’t worry if it’s not flush with the surface. Once it dries, hire a professional to sand down any excess filler. You’ll need to purchase a stain that matches your hardwood floors to cover it up, but once the job is complete, the flooring will look like new again.


Hardwood floors add character to your home and are generally low-maintenance compared to other options. However, they’re prone to scratching, and when these blemishes are left untreated, it can ruin the amenity’s appearance. Luckily, according to the staff at Hamptons Wood Flooringin New York, there are many ways to handle this issue. Depending on the type of scratch, it can be a simple do-it-yourself job or may call for professional assistance. However, ultimately, with the tips below, you’ll restore your hardwood floors.

For larger repair jobs, turn to Hamptons Wood Flooring in New York. They offer a variety of services, from refinishing to sanding and floor installation, and they will help you properly sustain your flooring’s quality and look. Give them a call today at (631) 839-7397 to schedule an appointment, and visit their website for more information on their services.

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